The Roommate from Hell — Part 1

Welcome back to my blog! I hope everyone is enjoying the quarantine as much as I am bored enough to write another article for this blog!

Enough boring grammar and torture. You probably want to know about adventures, drama, and funny things. Well, this article will have all that! Oh, boy!

Disclaimer: I try to live my life as honestly as I can, and I normally avoid making mean comments about people, no matter what they have done to me or others. But some people are really beyond salvation and I will be writing facts, not my opinions about someone, and if anyone asks, I am just writing fiction.

So now that I made a few statements about my good character, we are free to insult, embarrass, and humiliate whomever we want to. Let’s begin!

Who was this Guy?

I didn’t say it was a guy. How did you find out? I guess I’m bad at keeping secrets.

I won’t give details about his name or how this person looked like. We shall just refer to him as “he”, or him, and that is only because obviously the dormitory did not allow men and women to share rooms.

It was a roommate, duh, I had while living in Belgorod. Our time as roommates was quite short, only a month, thank the almighty God, but we had known each other for longer than that. In fact, we arrived in Belgorod together, and we were both learning Russian in the same class at the university as well.

Have you ever had a feeling that something about a person is just not right, no matter how nice this person behaves in front of you? I am sure you did. From the very beginning I had this same feeling, but I have this tendency to believe that most people I have contact with are “normal” or at least that most of them are not a disturbed maniac.

We had a free space in our dormitory “apartment”. This dormitory was divided into small apartments, with a kitchen, two bedrooms for 3 people each, and a bathroom. This person asked to live with us because housing conditions in his then current room were substandard, mildly put. There was a bedbug infestation and his roommates were the dirtiest people I have ever seen.

So after he moved in, what went wrong?

Random internet meme is incredibly accurate. Thanks, internet!

In the first week or so everything was alright, apart from a few technical difficulties like his refusal to pay for a part of the fridge and washing machine we had bought with our own money. I can totally understand how someone can live without a washing machine, but without a fridge? That person was definitely not Macgyver. I was surprised that we actually had to sit down to talk with him, and the other roommates and I had to convince him he would need a fridge to survive. He only accepted after we made a discount for him.

That won’t be the last time we’ll talk about this fridge, believe me. A week later, we faced a different problem. He had refused to pay for the washing machine and decided to wash his clothes by hand. Washing all your clothes yourself turns out to be quite a time-demanding activity, so he started to simply accumulate dirty clothes in the room. At one point, they got so dirty and smelly that the whole room caught this dumpster-like smell, which I obviously hated for obviously obvious reasons.

So we started opening windows in a more-or-less passive-aggressive way of solving the problem, since asking him to actually wash his clothes seemed to be too much of a request for Her Imperial Majesty, King of the Dumpster. Then it also turns out that this guy didn’t like open windows for whatever stupid reason. Maybe he enjoyed the fragrance of old sweaty dirty clothes? He began to act really aggressive towards our habit of keeping windows open, but we continued anyway, because the alternative would be to suffocate.

Okay, can things get any weirder?

At one point he decided, by himself, of course, that the other roommates were not supposed to keep any lights on in the bedroom after 23h. Not even our bed or desk lamps. We, of course, protested, and he didn’t like that. A few days later, somehow the light bulb in my desk lamp stopped working. Then the same happened to my bed lamp. Then the other lamps in the room, until only his bed lamp was working properly. Of course, this might be pure coincidence, that all lamps stopped working. It’s not light there is an easy and quick way of breaking a filament in a light bulb, like shaking it hard when the filament is hot.

Eventually, of course, the other roommates and I decided that it was time to buy new, more resistant light bulbs, which he refused to help to pay for, because “He doesn’t use them”. Ok, I confess I asked him to help pay for the light bulbs just because I was curious about his reaction. I wasn’t really expecting him to help.

Another incredibly accurate meme! Wow!

And then he asked some friends to beat me up in the street, but I’ll leave this for the next episode.

See you next week if I don’t give up on this blog again!

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