About Me

Leandro Cassius

Business Partnerships Manager, part-time blogger


I moved from Brazil to Russia at just 17 years in order to study the language. After that, I stayed for a while, like almost 10 years. First, because I wanted to learn Russian, and then because I got a scholarship, and currently because I work at a great company.

This blog started after a conversation I had with my family. I thought at first that I should write a book about my crazy stories from Russia, but instead, my mom brilliantly suggested that I start a blog.

At first, this blog was just a humble collection of not so meaningful articles about my personal experiences. Now, it has grown into something bigger, where I not only share my impressions about Russian culture, history and current affairs, but also travel tips for foreigners, and try to show how locals live.

I hope you enjoy!


I am always happy to get in contact with anyone regarding all the information I write about!